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Israeli start-up, working with GE, out to detect Stuxnet-like attacks
Network World - The Stuxnet malware known to have stealthily targeted Iranian nuclear facilities a few years ago was a wake-up call about how vulnerable critical industrial systems can be to cyberattack. Now, an Israeli start-up, with help from General ... read more

From Stuxnet to Melissa virus, cyber security experts speak, spar at Lewis ...
They touched on the 1999 Melissa virus (which played havoc on global email and left Bill Clinton on hold for 30 minutes with the Defense Department) to Stuxnet (the U.S.-Israel concoction, discovered in 2010, which destroyed the centrifuges of many of ... read more

Everything you need to know about Stuxnet
Stuxnet is a major computer virus, first discovered in June 2010, which was designed to attack Siemens Step7 software running on a Windows operating system. The worm was at first identified by security firm VirusBlokAda in mid-June 2010, and was ... read more

Mittel gegen Stuxnet
Zusammen mit GE soll nun anhand eines ungenannten Elektrizitätswerk im US-Bundesstaat New York erprobt werden, ob sich mit den Geräten von ThetaRay tatsächlich Stuxnet-artige Attacken verhindern lassen. Das Verfahren der Israeli basiert auf ... read more

Powstaje narzędzie zapobiegające zagrożeniom typu Stuxnet
Malware Stuxnet, który kilka lat temu zaatakował irańskie ośrodki nuklearne trudniące się wzbogacaniem uranu, uświadomił wszystkim, jak bardzo na podobne zagrożenia narażone są właściwie wszystkie instalacje przemysłowe. Właśnie dlatego izraelska ... read more

AIG cyber insurance covers bodily harm
The best proof that cyber hacks lead to physical damage actually comes from a U.S. offensive. The United States famously dealt a serious setback to Iran's nuclear ambitions with a cyberattack called Stuxnet that made many of the nation's centrifuges ... read more

Obama's Syrian cyberwar conundrum
The only cyberweapon known to have caused physical destruction was the computer worm Stuxnet, a joint U.S.-Israeli project that caused centrifuges of an Iranian nuclear facility to spin out of control and blow up. Since Stuxnet was discovered in 2010, ... read more

Une start-up israélienne teste un système de détection des attaques Stuxnet
(Crédit: D.R.). La jeune pousse israélienne ThetaRay a développé, avec General Electric, une technologie de sécurité qui détectera des attaques similaires à celles du ver Stuxnet sur les systèmes d'infrastructures critiques dans le domaine de l'énergie. read more



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W32.Stuxnet Removal - Removing Help | Symantec
Feb 26, 2013 ... W32.Stuxnet removal - Symantec Security Response provides comprehensive internet protection expertise to guard against complex threats, ...

BitDefender Offers Free Removal Tool for Stuxnet
Oct 11, 2010 ... As part of our constant efforts to help worldwide users fight against e-threats, BitDefender has also created a Stuxnet Removal Tool. Computer ...

Stuxnet Removal Tool | HOTforSecurity
Detects and eliminates all the known variants of Win32.

Stuxnet Information and Removal
Oct 11, 2010 ... As part of our constant efforts to help worldwide users fight against e-threats, BitDefender has also created a Stuxnet Removal Tool. Computer .

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