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'Bone-Chilling' Research Suggests Iran Gearing Up To Avenge Stuxnet Hacks
US researchers have repeatedly claimed the Middle Eastern nation has expanded its cyber divisions at a startling pace since the uncloaking of Stuxnet, malware thought to have been forged in the labs of US and Israeli computer labs that sought to cause ... read more

Obama, Stuxnet, and the Sony Hack
Could not North Korea argue that this was a retaliation against the U.S. for the Stuxnet attack on Iran? Iran and North Korea have a series of science and technology agreements and North Korea is pledged to mutual support for the Iranians. Would not ... read more

This Artist's Images Integrate Code From Malware Like Stuxnet and Flame
Hoff says he's more interested in the uncontrollable effects of adding virus code into his art than in the political aspect of government-sponsored cyberwarfare creations like Stuxnet, whose code this image uses. James Hoff. Courtesy of the artist and ... read more

'Regin': The 'New Stuxnet' spook-grade SOFTWARE WEAPON described
A highly advanced malware instance said to be as sophisticated as the famous Stuxnet and Duqu has has been detected. "Regin" has security researchers opining it may be nastier than both. "Regin" malware is thought to have been developed by a ... read more

pipeline blast in Turkey opened new cyberwar era
The Refahiye explosion occurred two years before Stuxnet, the computer worm that in 2010 crippled Iran's nuclear-enrichment program, widely believed to have been deployed by Israel and the US. It turns out the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline hackers were ... read more

Hack said to cause fiery pipeline blast could rewrite history of cyberwar
If true, the hack could rewrite the history of cyberwar. The first known use of a computer hack digital weapon to cause physical damage on an enemy is the Stuxnet worm, which in 2009 caused the destruction of uranium centrifuges in Iran's Natanz ... read more

Symantec reveals Stuxnet-level virus targeting Russia, Saudi Arabia Shuffle ...
With help from David Perera, Tal Kopan, Erin Mershon and Anila Alexander. SYMANTEC REVEALS STUXNET-LEVEL VIRUS TARGETING RUSSIA, SAUDI ARABIA — Symantec researchers have analyzed an intelligence gathering Trojan malware package ... read more

Here's How Cyber-Warfare Started And Where It's Going
Stuxnet made itself busy. It turned valves on and off and meddled with the centrifuges, wasting uranium and damaging equipment. It succeeded in slowing Iran's uranium enrichment, and by extension its purported nuclear-weapons programmes, making ... read more



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W32.Stuxnet Removal - Removing Help | Symantec
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Stuxnet Information and Removal
Stuxnet removal - Symantec Security Response provides comprehensive internet protection ... Stuxnet Removal - Removing Help | Symantec Feb 26, 2013 .

Stuxnet Removal Tool | HOTforSecurity
Stuxnet Removal Tool. Detects and eliminates all the known variants of Win32. Wrm.Stuxnet ! See entire article here: BitDefender Offers Free Removal Tool for ...

Win32.Worm.Stuxnet Removal Tool Download - Softpedia
Dec 12, 2013 ... Win32.Worm.Stuxnet Removal Tool - A compact and portable program that helps you scan the computer for the Stuxnet malware and ...

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